The iPad 4 and the VGA Adapter

In order to present with my iPad 4, I swallowed hard and paid the $50 to buy the new iPad 4 VGA Adapter. I used to try to mirror wirelessly for presentations (via Reflector on my MacBook), but that has been problematic, even when I have been using my own MacBook generated Ad-Hoc network. So to avoid mirroring issues, I bought the adapter, and control the presentation from my iPhone (with Apple's Keynote Remote). I have been surprised to learn that there are some benefits of using this adapter, even at the steep cost.

  • If you ever used the old 30-pin dongle, the slightest bump would make it fall out. The lightning cable snaps in securely and won't fall out. This might be worth the extra money alone.
  • The new VGA adapter allows you to plug in your lightning USB cord to power your iPad during a presentation. You couldn't do that with the old 30 pin VGA adapter.
  • Here's the biggest surprise: I have a 16:10 SMART Board at school. When I project via an Apple TV or Reflector, my iPad appears in 4:3 format. This is to be expected. I plugged my iPad into the VGA cable at school the first time last week (again, I usually use AirPlay to be wireless), and the iPad image stretches to the full 16:10 of the screen (landscape orientation, of course). I've tried this numerous times, and this is a new function of the VGA Adapter cable. Sight reading can get small while wirelessly mirroring to the screen in 4:3….so I'm looking forward to seeing how my students do with a 16:10 image. Has anyone else mentioned this new feature?



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