TMEA/TI:ME additional app recommendations

Thank you to everyone who attended the session I presented this afternoon. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at techinmusiced@ g m a i (put gmail together, of course, this stops spam). Although we provided 300 handouts, they ran out. As a result, the handout can be found below:

iPads in Secondary Music Education (PDF)

I have already received some feedback regarding some apps that the TMEA/TI:ME audience felt should be recommended. They are:

Tonal energy tuner $3.99 (web page) (iTunes link) Note: i have had five e-mails and three conversations about this app, so it is a favorite app here in Texas!

Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer $2.99 (web page) (iTunes link)

Note: the price of these apps may change at any time.