Wrapping up 2012…iBook (Practical Technology for Music Education) and more

I was just going through some paperwork in the house, as the 15th and the 30th are paydays, which allows me to pay the bills.  I also started putting some preliminary tax information together, trying to account for extra income I’ve earned working with the Perpich Center of the Arts and some other professional development that I have led (note: conference speaking is not a paid activity!  In fact, traveling to Texas to present in two weeks will cost me about $600–thank goodness I have a relative who works for Delta Airlines!).

At any rate, I looked back at my iBook earnings since I released the book last March.  I will probably be updating the book this summer with new links and new apps, not to mention a portrait-only format and more videos.  The next version of the book may cost slightly more, but it will be a book where I upgrade it at least two versions (and occasional updates), like an app, unlike the ISBN-pinned down iBook that exists at the moment (last fall, Apple took the restrictions for ISBN numbers off of iBooks, which means that you can push updates).

The current book sells for $4.99, which basically means that I earn about $3.50 per book that is sold.  In 2012, between March and December, Apple paid just over $300 into my bank account.  That’s certainly not enough to retire on, nor to support a family–but it is enough to pay for the expenses of writing the book (originally, I had to buy Pages, purchase 2 copyrights, and an ISBN number) and put some money towards my iPad 4.  I just wanted to write a word of thanks to everyone who bought the book…my plans are to make the next version bigger and better..and probably in the $9.99 range (again, I can’t update this current iBook because it is linked to the ISBN number).

Otherwise, I’ve had some wonderful opportunities in 2012 and 2013 to present–I’m looking forward to presenting at TMEA on Thursday in two weeks, and to present at MMEA on Friday (I’m hoping for a cooperating flight AND good weather).  I’m looking forward to presenting two days of iPad training in the summer of 2013 for the Wisconsin Music Education Association, as well as to present a course (enrollment willing) on technology in music education at the University of St. Thomas.  I believe I will present a session or two at the summer dialogue of the MN ACDA (I need to confirm this), and I hope to present at Wisconsin’s MEA in October and Iowa’s MEA in November (both places I presented last year and thoroughly enjoyed).  I have also had opportunities to present at some school districts in Minnesota, and last week I had the pleasure to visit MakeMusic…a real highlight for me.  Meanwhile, I’m still teaching high school choir, still serving as the tech coach in our building, and now I’m also providing iPad support to teachers throughout our district.  I really enjoy teaching fellow teachers and helping them along the path of technology integration–and people seem to really appreciate the help.

With all that, I also have a supportive wife, a stepson who loves snowboarding, a very active four year old, and a silly little ten month old.  So I consider myself pretty blessed.  I think I have some pretty great friends, too.  On the rough days at school, I need to remember that.

There have been some let downs, too.  I was denied speaking engagements at the National ACDA convention in March, the National NAfME convention in October, and the ISTE convention in June.  You can’t win them all.

And I have an application submitted to become an Apple Distinguished Educator–which would be a wonderful opportunity.   I would attend a camp this summer, and other doors would open through that opportunity.  I am not sure when the announcement of ADEs will be made…I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

So, that’s the sort-of-personal but not overly personal news from my life.  I hope that 2012 was a great year for you, and that 2013 will be even better–for all of us.


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