I can no longer refer fastfixology.com for iOS repairs

Over the past few years, I've recommended fastfixology for iOS device repairs. The owner is a Minnesota resident who began fixing iPods on the side while in college. At one point, his business (iFixiPodsFast.com) was recognized by several of the major Apple blogs, and also featured do-it-yourself videos on how to fix various iOS devices.

Fastfixology not only offered quick service, but very good prices.

My family had utilized fastfixology a number of times over the years, and I had recommended their services at a number of conventions. Early this summer, I broke one of our school's iPads (it fell face-first on concrete), and I sent it in for repair. It took about two months for the iPad to be repaired–and involved a number of e-mail between myself and the owner. I always try to be respectful. The iPad came back, and we're using it again.

My mother-in-law broke her iPad almost as soon as she received it, but the crack was a minor inconvenience. In early October, a friend accidentally sat on her iPad, which shattered the screen the rest of the way. So I sent it to fastfixology, after a discussion (via e-mail) that this unit would get finished right away (after having to wait for the previous iPad), and I was told that the part would arrive the next week.

Well, that didn't happen. Over the next two months, I heard nothing from the company, and sent over twenty respectful (but consistent) e-mails, and even tried calling the company's number twice–no response. I even sent e-mails from different accounts, in the event that one e-mail was accidentally blocked–no response.

I then had to send a couple of e-mails letting the owner know that I could no longer recommend his services (I'm asked to provide a repair service recommendation about once a week). No response. I wrote another e-mail letting him know that I would contact the BBB and ripoffreport,com (where he had responded to complaints in the past). No response. So I wrote reports on those websites. Finally, I set a deadline, letting him know that if I didn't hear back by a specific date, I would file a complaint with the police and FBI. That date passed without a response, and I called both the police and the FBI. The FBI forwarded me to a website complaint agency led by the government, and the person I talked to at the local police (the police where the company is located) gave the case to an officer.

The officer was able to track down the owner, who explained to him that the part was in Chicago. The officer asked the owner to contact me in the next week. This never happened, so I called the officer back, and that same day, our “repaired” iPad came in the mail. Normally, fastfixology sends a shipping confirmation via e-mail. This never happened. The iPad wasn't repaired very well…there were scratches in the metal around the face of the iPad, and the new screen was loose on one side–but works. I've never seen such shoddy work from fastfixology–I fear it was repaired in haste and anger. Thankfully, my mother-in-law's iPad case “hugs” the glass on all four sides, keeping the glass in place. I'm just glad to have the iPad back–even if it wasn't repaired as I would have hoped, in the time that I had hoped (it took over two months to get it back). She may lose resale value if and when she sells the device–but it works and the screen isn't cracked.

I'm hoping the owner isn't angry–after all, I contacted him consistently but kindly over that time period asking for news. I was never mean, and when it was time to take action, I gave him deadlines that he could have met by simply contacting me and letting me know what was going on with the device. We had experienced good service with fastfixology until the first iPad this summer. I hate losing a “local” service provider who had good service and good prices–but that bridge is burned.

As you can imagine, I can no longer recommend fastfixology to you. Meanwhile, I need another iPad service provider who I can recommend to readers of this blog and to people who e-mail me about needed repairs. If you are an iPad repair service provider who is willing to stand behind your work and would like referrals from me, please send me an e-mail (I'm not looking for anything but good service and fair prices–I'm not looking for “kickbacks”).


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