Another ThinkMusic Video

Today, Think Music Technology posted another video in reference to their upcoming app.

This video shows the company collecting handwriting samples from students at AP University (Azusa Pacific?), and then a room full of students writing music on iPads (looks like a Jot stylus).

Think Music has been under scrutiny for their first video, which used Good Reader and Sibelius-generated PDF files to simulate their upcoming app–without any comment of the video being a concept video or that Sibelius and Good Reader were used.

This second video is a clear message to those of us who understand software development: Think Music is somewhere beyond a “concept” with their app–they are actively researching data that will allow for accurate scanning of handwritten music.

In other words…they are actually working on an app.  It isn’t just a concept.

I tried to search and see if any of the students had discussed their experience online, particularly to find a date.  I was hoping to find out when Think Music conducted this research, because that might give me more insight into when they might actually introduce their app.  No luck.

The app promises more information next week…I’m looking forward to seeing what that information is.

By the way, I’m in support of any music notation software that finds its way to the iPad.  I really like Notion (and have been using it to make audio files out of MusicXML files generated by Finale), and I loved the interface of Symphony Pro (which has now disappeared from the App Store as well as from their website).  But there are seventy million iPads out there, and there’s plenty of room for competition.


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