The Chromatik iPad Offer is Legitimate

A short while ago, I wrote about Chromatik and their wonderful offer to send an iPad to any school that had 100 students sign up for their service. Chromatik is free, and you need an e-mail to sign up.

I started by having students (willingly) sign-up one by one at a computer in my room, but that took too long. Afterwards, I realized that the Chromatik app has a “sign-up” button right on the app, so I was able to pass two iPads around the room and have students sign-up that way.

Chromatik was great about getting back to me, but were only able to verify 26 of my students. I didn't know what was going on, because I could see those students in Chromatik as invited to my playlists. Then I realized: all the students that signed up on the iPad are not being counted. Sure enough, Chromatik looked into it, and the iPad subscriptions were showing up on a different server. So they sent us an iPad.

I name the choir's iPads. Our first iPad, an iPad 2, was named Bach. A second iPad we received this summer was named Beethoven. I want to save Brahms for a 4th Generation iPad, but my advanced women's choir had a great suggestion. We just performed Irving Berlin's White Christmas, so they suggested that we name the third iPad “Berlin.” And so it goes.

Berlin is a 16GB iPad 2…which is just fine with me! He is a welcome addition to our iPad family, and I'm going to look forward to using him with our students when we get back from our holiday vacation.

The box Berlin was shipped in.

The home/lock screen I make for all of our iPads.




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