Alfred’s EMT

Thanks to a tweet by SmartMusic, I was able to see the technology sessions that are being offered at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic. It looks as if all the sessions are sponsored by companies. MakeMusic is presenting on SmartMusic and SmartMusic for the iPad, and Chromatik is presenting as well.

What I found interesting is that Alfred is presenting in their “Essentials of Music Theory,” which is available now as an all web-based program. You can see information about EMT here.

I like EMT and was using it with high school theory classes over ten years ago (as a way for students to get caught up when they fell behind). I don't have any issue with a subscription model. But what I do have an issue with is the use of Flash as the delivery platform. Simply put: any company putting their resources into Flash development at this time of the game are wasting their efforts. You want your applications to be mobile, and if not native to a technology platform (e.g. iPad/Android Tablet…which is ideal), then available in a universal format like HTML 5.

There are some good music theory resources for the iPad, and even free services like have moved to iOS (Theory Lessons and Tenuto). Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory would be a great addition to the world of iOS, and schools are certainly not slowing down their purchases of the device!

A message to music companies and software developers: either write native iOS/Android apps at this point, or invest in HTML 5. Avoid Flash, as it just doesn't have a future (Android and Windows 8 RT ship without Flash as well…it isn't “just” Apple).



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