A month and a half with a 4th Generation iPad

I've now owned my “new” iPad for a month and a half, give or take a few days,

It is noticeably heavier than my iPad 2, and that isn't a surprise. I don't really notice the retina screen, but then again, I don't spend a lot of time comparing my iPad to earlier iPads.

What I do notice is that my new iPad is just outstanding for battery power. I can use it most days without recharging until the evening…so the A6X processor–although twice as fast as the iPad 3–is really efficient.

The only downside of the new iPad is the charger. I love the lightning cable, and I wish that it had been around for years. I will eventually buy a Lightning-to-VGA cable that will allow me to present sessions with a physical connection, something I couldn't do because of the non-secure 30 pin to VGA cable of past iPads. Now, regarding the charger, it isn't the charger itself that is the issue, but the needs of the iPad. My 4th generation iPad seems to insist on a 12W charger (which comes with the iPad) to reach 100% in a decent amount of time. If I try to use a 10W charger (previous iPads), it just doesn't “cut it.”

Yes, I'd still like to eventually buy an iPad Mini, but I'm glad I replaced my iPad 2 with this new iPad. If you own an iPad 1 or 2 and are considering an upgrade–go for it. You won't be disappointed.


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