How about that iPad mini?

The iPad Mini has been on the market for a few weeks, and I still don't have one. Truth be told…if Target carried them (they are always out). I might have one already. I'm trying to hold out until iPad Minis become available from Apple as refurbished units, just to see what the pricing difference is.

It became clear that Apple (or other retailers) are not discounting the cost of the iPad Mini this holiday season. You can get iPads from Target, Best Buy, and other vendors with a discount and a gift card. Not so with the iPad Mini. This either tells you that the Mini truly doesn't have any margin for a discount (from Apple or other vendors) or that the iPad Mini is so popular that no discounts are necessary.

The reviews I have seen for the iPad Mini tend to include all of these points:

  1. It's smaller
  2. It's lighter
  3. It works like an iPad
  4. The screen is terrible (compared to an iPad 3rd or 4th Generation)
  5. After a couple of weeks it became my favorite iPad

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I've seen the Barnes and Noble Nook HD+, and it's a nice device. It isn't an iPad. It's 6.41 inches wide (including the bezel), whereas the iPad Mini is 5.3 inches (the regular iPad is 7.31 inches with the bezel). I'm very sure that the iPad Mini is never going to be as good of a substitute for reading music as is the iPad itself (see Loren Finkelstein's tweet), but with the size of the bezel, it is about as good as the widescreen Nook HD+ (I believe that the Amazon Kindle HD 9″ tablet has roughly the same dimensions as the Nook).

I can see an iPad mini in my workflow as a second screen (ClassDojo, attendance, Keynote presentations) more than a primary device. I also see its usefulness at night, as I still read books on my iPhone rather than on my iPad while in bed.

Here are some other reviews of the iPad Mini that you might find useful:

In response to Gruber's question of why the iPad 2 still exists: education, pure and simple. A $379 iPad with a minimum three-year lifespan is justifyable over a $1200 laptop (which may last 5 years in education). We have yet to see if the iPad Mini will find traction in education, or if it is a device aimed more at consumers. Bot are viable markets.


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