My After School (Musical) Work Flow


I wanted to write a short post this evening about my work flow involving 3 iPads and a MacBook.  We’re in the middle of producing our fall/winter musical, and as I’ve mentioned, we were unable to rent a “Rehearsascore” for this show, and our pianist rehearses with the pit orchestra every day after school.  I’m not a piano player (tenor, tubist, conductor, and tech guy), so Finale has served me well as a rehearsal accompanist in my classroom over the years.

So I bought a lot of software this summer.  This included the full version of PDFtoMusic Pro, and PhotoScore Ultimate.  I’m finding PhotoScore Ultimate to be incredible (a great improvement over SmartScore, which comes bundled with Finale), and although I put most of the songs with vocal parts into Finale over the summer, I’m adding all the scene change music/entr’acte/exit music at this point.  The kids–for the most part–know their parts (although I’ll need to take some of them back to the choir room for some clean-up after a couple of weeks on the stage), so I can run those Finale parts from Finale Songbook on the iPad (It’s our 3rd Generation iPad, named Beethoven), while tracking the actual score on our 2nd Generation iPad (named Bach).  Meanwhile, I’m using my iPad (4th Generation) with the score and my MacBook with Finale/PhotoScore Ultimate to create Finale tracks.  Additionally, I am merging files to allow for segues in the music.

So…3 iPads and 1 MacBook, all being used (literally) at the same time for musical rehearsal.

In summary that is:

  • 1 iPad with the current location of the score during rehearsal
  • 1 Pad running Finale Songbook
  • 1 iPad running the score where I’m currently creating a Finale score
  • 1 MacBook running Finale/PhotoScore Ultimate.

What is even funnier is that I had a day two weeks ago where I was running two iPads and two MacBooks at the same time.  The kids simply can’t believe that I’m using all the devices–but I am!


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