A big day…

Today I turned 40. I listen to the Tony Kornheiser Show, and they refer to age 40 as the point where you become a man. So I guess I'm a man now.

I wanted my birthday to be low key, like always. But I decided that since there are 4th Generation iPads to be found, I would buy one. My parents are visiting from Southeast Wisconsin, so we took a trip this morning to Home Depot so my four year old son could do the monthly craft project. Then we headed to Target where I bought the 4th generation iPad…or so I thought. When I got home, I backed up my iPad 2 to my iTunes account, and opened the new iPad to see that it had a 30 pin dock connector.

I immediately got in the car and went to another Target (it is closer) and they were kind enough to even exchange the iPads. Then I came home and began the process of migrating iPads. I'm typing this blog on the new iPad, so you know the migration was successful.

We didn't really eat dinner tonight, but we had a lemon meringue pie from the Norse Nook in Osseo, Wisconsin. Lemon meringue is one of my favorites. But immediately before that, my wife surprised me with 40 balloons–that I had to blow up–that had messages from friends from all parts of my life. That was a nice surprise, and was very touching…yet still low-key.

Now it's bed time…fully being aware that our children will NOT take advantage of daylight savings time tomorrow.

So, back to the tech issue…don't take a salesperson's word about the iPad you are buying. Look for yourself. The packaging for the 4th generation and 3rd generation iPad are exactly the same. The only differences are in the (very light gray) list of what is included in the box (this list starts with the lightning to USB cord) and the part number.

I can really feel the weight difference between the iPad 2 and the 4th Generation iPad…so I can see why some people will want the iPad Mini. I can also notice the speed, particularly in apps like Notion for iPad.



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