To Buy or Not To Buy

I'm currently working my magic to buy a new 64GB 4th Generation iPad. Target is offering a $40 gift card, and my mother-in-law can buy them with a 13% discount (Target employee). There are a number of iPad 4th Generation features which make it worthwhile for me. Specifically, a much improved camera (front and rear) over my 2nd Generation iPad, the Retina screen, and the new A6X processor, making the newest iPad at least twice as fast as my current iPad.

And most of my cases will work with the 4th Generation iPad.

What I'm struggling with is the purchase of an iPad mini. We aren't exactly in a financial situation where I should be throwing $429 on a device that won't be my primary device. I can justify a 4th Generation iPad as I use my iPad all day, every day, for work (and at home), but the iPad mini would be an accessory to the full-sized iPad.

My main desire for the iPad mini is to have it on hand so I can advise educators and schools regarding their use–but perhaps the $329 price will be enough of a deterrent to send schools to the $399 iPad 2 (you get nearly the same performance and screen resolution with the iPad 2 as you do the iPad Mini).

Plus, won't Apple come out with a better iPad Mini in the near future? I don't expect a new iPad in March, but a Retina iPad Mini with the A6X processor makes a lot of sense to me.

So, at this point, I seem to be decided on the 4th Generation iPad over the iPad Mini (or both). I hope that's the right decision.

What happens to my “old” devices? They get sent to my mother-in-law as a thank you for her help in purchasing new devices and for watching our children for two hours each day as my wife works in the early morning from 4:30-8:30, and I work starting at 8:30. This is much less expensive than paying for child care, believe me.

My mother-in-law's current iPad, a 16GB iPad 2, is at getting its screen repaired. We bought both of our mothers refurbished Apple iPad 2s for Mother's Day, and her iPad fell off her desk (in a case) on its corner within days of its arrival in her life (she has an iPad 1, which is now used by my father-in-law, which was never dropped). I had an iPad 2 at from August to last week, but it finally made it back and is back in service at school. I'm hoping her iPad 2 will make it back in a shorter time frame.



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