An early holiday gift for you…

I’ve decided that my top choir will perform one movement from the Messiah (George Frederic Handel, HWV 56) every year at our annual Holiday Concert, particularly because we now have a string program at the high school (it’s a great collaborative effort).  Last year, we performed No. 12 “For Unto Us a Child is Born,”  This year we will be performing No. 4, “And the Glory of the Lord.”

As with nearly all the music we perform, I enter the music into Finale (scanning and then cleaning it up–it still takes time) so that I can create rehearsal tracks, piano accompaniment (I’m not a pianist), and assessments in SmartMusic.  I just finished editing “And the Glory of the Lord” this morning, so now have two completed movements of the The Messiah.

The Messiah is in the public domain (check out the resources at both the CPDL and the IMSLP), so I thought I would share my resources with you in the event you would like to use them with your programs.  Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow MUS or XML files to be stored on WordPress, so I had to place the files on Sendspace.

The Messiah, No. 4 “And the Glory of the Lord”

In Finale 2012 Format

In Music XML Format

The Messiah, No. 12 “For Unto Us a Child is Born”

In Finale 2012 Format

In Music XML Format

You will need a version of Finale (2012) or Finale Songbook (iPad) to open the Finale File; the MusicXML file should be able to be opened by any number of programs, including Notion and SeeScore on the iPad.


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