A revamped iPad is coming soon?

There will be a small iPad announcement (a play on words) this week as the iPad Mini/iPad Air will be announced, along with some other product updates.  One rumor emerging this evening (10/19) is that the entire iPad line will be refreshed with the new Lightening Cable, and possibly some other internal changes.

To this point, I’ve been recommending the iPad 2 to most buyers because the iPad 2 has nearly all the functionality of the “new iPad” with the exception of Siri and a high resolution screen.

If a revamped iPad comes out, I need to change that recommendation.  If there is a new iPad, you will want to buy the new iPad as a way to future-proof your iPad.  All accessories will eventually use the new lightening adapter–as well as iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches.  Although a number of Apple owners are upset that the dock connector has changed, I for one am very pleased it.  It is easier to plug into my iPhone 5, and there is much to be said for being able to plug an adapter into the phone up or down.  It really does make things easier.

If you’re able to find a used iPad (or a new iPad with the old dock connector) at a bargain basement price–go for it.  But if you are planning on buying new, and there’s a new adapter for the iPad–wait for a new iPad with that adapter.

As for the iPad Mini/iPad Air, I need to see it (at least in the introduction by Apple) before making a decision/recommendation.


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