Two new styluses, the Maglus and the Hand

This past summer, I extended my search for the ideal stylus, and came across two new styluses on the market.  The first stylus is the Maglus, from Ireland.  I learned about the Maglus from a review on the Verge.  It’s a stylus that is very much like a drafting pencil, and can be wide or narrow, depending on how you hold it.  It has a rubber tip, and one of its main features is that it is magnetic and can attach to your iPad 2 or 3.  I find that the Maglus gives me a great deal of control, and that I like using it as much–or more than–my previous favorite stylus, the Cosmonaut by Studio Neat.  The latest version of the Maglus has a replaceable tip.  My Maglus hasn’t shown any particular sign of wear, but I imagine that all styluses can wear out.

The other stylus arrived just under two weeks ago, called the Hand Stylus.  I found it on Kickstarter, and it is yet another Kickstarter project I’ve backed that has found its way to fruition.  It is a stylus with a replaceable rubber tip, with the smallest rubber tip available on a stylus.  The tip retracts and turns each time you retract the tip.  The stylus is machined like a drafting pencil.  I have found that it is a very accurate stylus, but the tip is a bit too spongy.  This creates issues when using the stylus to tap a button on an iPad or iPhone, or when drawing on an iPad that is propped up vertically (on a piano music stand/ledger, for example).  My stylus’s original tip was defective, so I had to use one of my replacement tips…and I have had no further issues since that time.  By far, the Hand is the most impressive stylus I own (even more than the custom wood stylus I purchased this summer at an art fair).  It even has my name engraved on it.  It’s a joy to write with (in Noteshelf, for example), and seems to be as accurate as my Adonit Jot Pro.  As I mentioned previously, the only negative seems to be an overly squishy tip that results in some inaccuracy when pressing buttons or writing while the iPad is vertical.

So, what is my favorite stylus?  I don’t have one, but I’ve been using the Hand because it fits well in a shirt pocket, looks like a pen, and has a “wow” factor when people see it.  I’m drawn to the Maglus, which can be used for writing or as a dry-erase type pencil.  I keep my Adonit Jot Pro for fine drawing–although the Hand Stylus can be nearly as accurate as the Jot Pro.  I like my Cosmonaut for notating musical scores in rehearsals, or while wearing gloves.  If I had to choose one stylus, it would probably be the Maglus.  I may buy the Maglus with the replaceable tip–we’ll see.  But I don’t think you can go terribly wrong with any of these four styluses–it just depends on how you plan to use a stylus.


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