iOS 6 tomorrow, iPhone 5 on Friday

It’s a special time of year in our house–it’s Apple update time.  I’m excited to install iOS 6 on my (our) iPhone(s) tomorrow, as well as on my (our) iPad(s).

And then on Friday–our iPhone 5s arrive.  (That “s” means “plural,” not 5S).

As I’ve read more and more about the iPhone 5, a very shocking bit of news came out this week as tech journalists were testing their models (their reviews are going online tonight at 9pm).  The iPhone 5 is twice as fast–as the iPhone 4S.

Geekbench tests the speed of various devices, and the iPhone 5 has been clocked over “1600.”  The iPhone 4S clocked at “850” and the iPhone 4 at “380.”

We’ve been using iPhone 4s (again, plural, not 4S), and this means that our new phones will be four times faster than our old phones.

We’re going to enjoy a lot of features on these phones…an 8 megapixel camera that is good in low light, SIRI, the larger screen–but the thing that will impact us the most is the speed of this new phone.  And in typical Apple fashion–they downplayed the speed (they mentioned it, but it wasn’t the headline feature).

The chip is an all-Apple design, meaning that it will also appear in some form in the next iPad.  Considering that the “new” iPad is sometimes slower than the “iPad 2,” it looks like March/April 2013 will be a great time to upgrade my iPad 2 with a significant speed boost!


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