Buyer Beware! Disp Recorder App!

A few months ago, an app sneaked into the App Store that allowed you to record the screen for screen casting.  It was a copy of a Jailbroken App (which is still available, but I don’t choose to Jailbreak), and Apple quickly removed this app from the App Store (theoretically, someone could record your use of your device, and then use that for a bad end).  I used the app for yesterday’s video about Refection.

Yesterday another Display Recorder app showed up on App Store, called Disp Recorder.  It has the same icon as the previous Display Recorder, costs $9.99, and only records video or takes pictures.  In other words, it only does with other core functions of an iOS device already do, with the false impression that it “records your display.”

I’ve written to Apple and have asked for the app to be removed, as it is trying to profit from confused customers.

As always, be careful when you are app shopping.  With so many apps (over 600,000), it’s easy for Apple to make mistakes and for some clunkers (and impostors) to make it into the App Store.

And just think–Apple tries to keep a walled garden.  What is it like if your primary device is managed by Google and is “open”?


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