September 12…new iPhone and ???

Today, John Gruber suggested that Apple would introduce an iPad mini in October, with a new iPod Touch.  Jim Dalyrmple (the Loop) followed up with a message that indicated Gruber was right.  Apple uses Dalyrmple to verify Apple dates without officially verifying dates.

So what does this mean?  First, my wife and I are getting new phones.  My wife bought hers nearly five months after I bought mine, and both are fully upgradeable at this point (we both have iPhone 4 models, skipping the 4S).  We’re both excited to have new phones with much better cameras, greater speed, 4G (almost 100% guaranteed), and other improvements.

My guess is that Apple may also introduce some other items, even if not the iPad Mini (or whatever it will be called).  I’m glad…it will give me a chance to save up some money to buy one.

Some analysts will be upset that Apple doesn’t introduce everything at once.  I happen to feel like Rush Limbaugh with Apple (I also tend to be conservative yet love Apple products, when the company itself supports many issues on the ‘left’).  I’m not saying that I agree with all of Rush, but I do agree with this from July 27th (if you love Apple products, you’ll agree too, even if you can’t stand Rush):

For this, it [Apple’s support of “left” matters] doesn’t matter, I set it aside.  I just have found that it’s fun.  I’m one of these people, I’m on the edge of my chair when we get close to the release of a new product, a phone or an iPad.  Apple stuff is my Christmas morning.  That’s the best way to put it to you.  As a kid, what Christmas was when you’re a kid, that’s what Apple stuff is for me.

I totally agree.  Apple events have become my Christmases, in terms of the anticipation of “opening gifts.”  Christmas, the holiday, has now become a matter of religious meaning (which it always was, but more so in my advancing age) and the enjoyment of watching my kids open gifts.  I literally request that people NOT buy me gifts so that they can focus on the people in my family (even as adults) that still “need” gifts.

So if Apple splits up the announcements, they’ve just added another holiday to my life.  Win.  (But not WINNING like Charlie Sheen).



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