In my recent sessions, I’ve been making sure to talk about how to troubleshoot an iPad, including fixing one.  You can buy Apple’s Apple Care + for $99, which will replace your iPad two more times, with an additional payment of $45 each time.  If you do the math, two iPad replacements would be $189.  There are other services like Square Trade that offer a similar deal.

If you don’t have that policy, what do you do if your iPad breaks?  I’ve used a local-ish person, Blake Paulson, who run a website called Fastfixology.com.  I’ve got a permanent “page” linked to his services (see the top row of links on the blog), and he’s been gracious enough to share a 10% discount to me and anyone that I want to share it with.

Well, I get to use his services again and we don’t have Apple Care.  The repair bill comes to $112, with the discount.  If this is the only time I ever have to replace this screen, I’ll be ahead of the cost of Apple Care.  If it happens again, I’ll be behind.  Let’s hope.

I was using the iPad on an elliptical machine this morning, and lifted up the iPad to see the progress I was making…the iPad slipped out of my hands to the concrete floor, landing on the screen.

As I say at my presentations, accidents happen.  They do.  Thankfully, the damaged part in this case is ONLY the iPad screen.  It can be replaced.  And the iPad will be as good as new.  Yes, it isn’t cheap, but it’s the cheapest repair service (with trusted repairs) that you’ll find.


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