More uses for the Justand iPad Document Camera Stand

Today I pulled out my tuba, as my high school band teacher is hosting a full reunion concert at the end of the month. We're not talking about “beginning” level music either…take a look at all the information, including the repertoire, at All the music was distributed to members digitally, which means that I can use my iPad and my PageFlip foot pedal. So I practiced all my music today, using the Justand on a table, playing all my music. Other than my lips feeling a bit jello-ish, things worked great. I usually play tuba about four times a year (playing and singing has been limited with young children in the house), although I can see myself getting back into playing when my kids are old enough to have their own interests.

So, additional Justand use number 1? As a music stand on a table. This would be awesome if SmartMusic came out with an iPad app; and it could be awesome with Chromatik as well (two uses of awesome in the same sentence: priceless).

Use #2? I left my iPad in the Justand, and brought out my bluetooth keyboard. Instant desktop-situation with the iPad. It works great, in landscape or portrait. This $85 stand may actually prove its worth in daily life far beyond its use as an iPad Document Camera stand. Photos below (I apologize for the dark pictures…it is a gray, rainy day here in the Greater Twin Cities, MN area).



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