A new case from Monoprice

As I mentioned the other day, the choir program was able to obtain another iPad, a 32GB “new” iPad, through our capital outlay procedure this year. I've been looking for grants to obtain up to five iPads and five Jawbone Jamboxes, but to this point have not been successful (we now have 2 iPads and 1 Jambox).

Our choir boosters have been kind enough to provide Apps for one of the iPads, and I have purchased one case from Monoprice for the iPad 2, but that case won't fit the new iPad (it's a little thicker), so I bought another case (the Monoprice Duo Case) from Monoprice instead. It is about $14.00, and you can only buy 5 at a time.

That case arrived today, and it's pretty nice. It is made of faux leather, holds the iPad securely, allows you to “lock” the cover out of your way, can be set up is landscape on the case, and even has a hand strap. I wish the inside were black (a little better for choral singing), but it will do.

Here are some photos of the new case., should you be interested in buying one:




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