Another great blog to follow…

For the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nyssa Brown as Music Education Coordinator at the Perpich Center of the Arts.  Nyssa has taken a leave from the Perpich Center to return to the classroom at an American School in India for two years.

Nyssa was (is) an incredible ambassador for music education in our state (Minnesota), and she was always able to help teachers move towards meeting the standards–even secondary educators who can be less than open to changing how things are done (not all secondary educators are resistant to change, but I find that more of us are resistant than our elementary colleagues).  I’ve been told that Nyssa was brilliant as an elementary educator (I was not surprised to hear that) and she has been a Kodaly instructor at several colleges and universities, and has even sat on national level Kodaly boards.

Nyssa is now in India at an an American School that has 1-to-1 iPads.  She is already blogging about her life experiences, but has now started a blog dealing with 21st Century Education.  Add it to your RSS reader or blog feed!


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