Auria – 48 channel recorder for iPad

I have to be honest..this app would be overkill for any project that I would ever need to record (Most of my needs can be served by GarageBand ($4.99), TwistedWave ($9.99), or Hokuasi (Free).  But some readers might be looking for a digital audio workstation like Auria.  It’s $49.99 in the App Store, and has high initial user ratings.  I have not purchased it or used it, and quite honestly, I would never request an app code because it would be “wasted” on me (it would be better used by a person that needed a DAW).  If you need a DAW for your iPad, check out Auria.

(I have similar feelings about the Korg iMS-20 for iPad ($32.99)…it’s more than I would ever need.  But for those that need it, the price is more than acceptable).


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