24 Hour Sale at MakeMusic

MakeMusic is having a special 24 hour sale featuring Finale, a year's subscription to SmartMusic (educator OR student) and a headset for $299. You can find our more about this sale here. Items are boxed and shipped, so there will be shipping and tax (if applicable).

This represents a significant discount from direct-from-MakeMusic normal prices (full price or educational versions).

As a matter of disclosure, you can buy a educational-discount copy of Finale from a number of vendors in the $239 to $225 range. So if you are a student, you may be able to piece together the same number of items for a slightly lower price. But it will take you time to do so, and it won't be as convenient.

If you a teacher, however, you will not find a better price for Finale, SmartMusic (teacher version), and microphone. If you've been thinking about going the SmartMusic route, this is the day to take the leap.

The only negative about this sale is that if your school runs like mine, the process of purchasing something requires forms and a number of days between the submission and processing of the order, and then sometimes a number of days until that order is received by the company. And of course, most of us are nowhere near our schools in these last weeks before school begins (enjoying the last few weeks). My hope is that such a sale will appear again in the fall when more schools will be able to take advantage of such a fantastic offer.



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