Another New Stylus, a combo pen unit by Domino Effect Designs

Domino Effect Pen Stylus

My wife and I (along with two of our children) attended an Arts Show in Red Wing, Minnesota, this afternoon. We always enjoy seeing what the various artists/vendors bring, and there is usually a treasure or two to be discovered.

We came across the booth of Domino Effect Designs, featuring the stained glass work of Chandra Martin and the woodworking of Scott Mims. It turns out that Scott is an instrument repairman for one of the music stores in the St. Paul area. We were lured to the shop based upon his unique corkscrews (we needed one for our camper), and I noticed a number of stylus pens that were for sale.

The Domino Effect Corkscrew we purchased

Corkscrew and Stopper in one

Some were on key rings, others were in a traditional pen format. They were selling for $30, and after I tried one to make sure the stylus tip worked, I bought one. Store-bought stylus pen combos are in this price range (or more), so I thought it was a decent purchase.

I've come home and pulled out my lower-end styluses, including a CHEAP stylus from Amazon (it doesn't work very well) and my Belkin/Targus “general” stylus. The Domino Effect stylus has the exact same feel as the Belkin/Targus unit, although the rubber tip on the Domino Effect unit is slightly thinner than the Belkin/Targus stylus that I own. And although I don't use pens very often, it will be nice to have a pen along at all times. In other words, for $30, this stylus will/can eliminate my “emergency” stylus and the single pen that I pack in my iPad bag. My wife, who is a pen person, tried the pen and said, “This writes really nice.”

Although my primary stylus continues to be the Studio Neat Cosmonaut or the Adonit Jot Pro (two more styluses are coming in the next two weeks), this will be a nice addition to my stylus collection–a useable addition. And if you are looking for a nice gift for an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/Android user, this wood-worked pen might be a wonderful gift.

If you are wondering about the styluses I currently have “on hand” (no pun intended):

Domino Effer Designs Stylus Pen, Studio Neat Cosmonaut, Adonit Jot Pro, Belkin/Targus Stylus, Pogo Sketch, and cheap Amazon bulk stylus.



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