The iPad continues its trend of growth in Music Education…in Teaching Music

The latest edition of Teaching Music appeared in my mailbox this morning, and I was interested to see two advertisements that targeted iPads in Music Education, specifically Elementary Music Education.  I’ve scanned both of the ads (I am not receiving any financial benefit for posting them), but I thought they might be of interest to some readers.

The first is the back cover of the magazine, featuring Pearson OLE’s Interactive Music (Silver Burdett):

The second is from Quaver Music, which is also advertising IWB activities, a teacher admin panel, DVDs, their website…and iPad apps coming soon (third bullet point, middle of page, left hand side).  Note that the teacher is holding an iPad.

I continue to be fascinated by the expanding influence of the iPad in education, and the response of “traditional” companies to that influence.

As a side note, read Chad Criswell’s (Music Education Magic) article on low-budget tech solutions, featuring a Wiimote white board and a Kinectar (a body movement-based digital instrument).  In the case of the Wiimote white board (probably a far better option for what many teachers use an IWB for), don’t forget the additional cost of a LCD projector, as that was not listed in the article.



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