351 & 1038

Today I wrapped up another set music, with an official count of 351 songs. I actually scanned close to 200 titles today. The total for this project is now at 1038.

I also came across one song that predates the cutoff of the current Copyright year where works are in the public domain (the piece was Copyrighted in 1919). Works earlier than 1923 are in the public domain, past 1923 are subject to 95 years of Copyright. And for works in the 1970s and later, Copyright is the date of the author's death plus 70 years.

I've mentioned that this library is very old, with much music that is permanently out of print from before 1960 (quite a bit is from the 1930s). Nonetheless, of this music stays out of the public domain until 2018 and beyond…even if the music itself is crumbling on the shelf from age. Much of the music won't last until it is in the public domain! As you can guess, the majority of this library is sacred in nature, and is music that will likely never be used in schools again–or in many churches, for that matter. It sure does feel good to be archiving these pieces digitally, because they will make an interesting study for anthropologists someday.


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