Scanning, scanning, scanning

After a break for a few days, I've resumed my scanning project, starting on 343 new titles. If you are curious, here is what 343 songs look like:

I also went to our local Office Max and bought a guillotine paper cutter, which is a huge improvement over the Fiskar paper trimmer that I was using. I didn't know if the OfficeMax paper cutter ($35) would be good enough, but it is more than adequate for the task.

I didn't realize that the handle wasn't attached until I finished cutting all 343 pieces; the handle was in another cardboard partition in the bottom of the box.

After one partial day of scanning, I've finished another 100 scores. There is an investment of time and money to scan properly, and the least expensive duplex scanner for A3/folio/band & orchestra music I have found is in the $1200 range (it turns out that the Brother and Canon multi-function printers I talked about in a previous post only scan one side at a time, and print duplex). When this project is complete, I'll make a “scanning budget” post–for schools wishing to digitize their collections.