The Original iPad Prototype was HUGE…

The news of the day is that Apple was forced to release pictures of their original iPad prototypes (dating to the early 2000s) in their court battles with Samsung, and those pictures became available today.  MacRumors has a bunch of pictures showing the prototype versus the original iPad (via Buzzfeed).

My first reaction…I want an iPad that big for music.  End of story.

A twelve inch tablet would serve music education and a number of other professions quite nicely.  At the same time, I wouldn’t want that device’s original thickness of nearly an inch.  A number of bloggers have noted that the original iPad prototype was basically a Modbook.  As the story goes, the iPad existed before the iPhone, but Apple chose to pursue the iPhone first.  Then it released the iPod Touch, and then the iPad.  They made the right decision.

Can you imagine reading music on a twelve inch retina iPad screen?  That would be loverly.


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