Does an almost eight inch iPad result in the cancellation of the iPod Touch?

We are big fans of the iPod Touch in our household.  We actually have an iPod Touch for each of our boys (12, 4, and 4 months–the 4 month old’s iPod Touch is actually an old 2nd Generation that we decided to hold on to).  We had a 1st Generation iPod Touch before we owned our first iPhones (we entered the world of iPhone in October 2008 with the iPhone 3G).

There has been lots and lots of news about a seven inch iPad this summer.  There’s been no word about an improved iPod Touch, and the 4th Generation iPod Touch hasn’t been updated for two years.  Although you can use an iPod Touch as a phone, most people don’t–and you still need a wi-fi connection (no 3G or 4G service).

So…why would Apple create a seven inch iPad AND the iPod Touch?  Yes, you can purchase an iPod 8GB Touch for $199.  This is the same price as the Google Nexus Seven that is coming out within the next weeks.  If Apple made a seven inch tablet, it would probably sell for $249 or $299, which are price points of the larger iPod Touch models.

I think the seven inch (or almost eight inch) form factor would be acceptable for gaming (sometimes the iPad is too big), and it would certainly give students a device that would be far more useful in school than an iPod Touch.

So I’m wondering if Apple will cancel the iPod Touch line, and simply introduce the new iPhone and an iPad mini at the same time.




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