338 & 687

I just finished my second batch of scanning in the large scanning project I am undertaking this summer.  This current batch of music contained 338 songs, meaning that I’ve scanned 687 titles in less than a week (I took a few days off from scanning between the first and second batches).  If the average number of pages per score is eight, that means, on average, I’ve scanned more than 5,500 pages.  Realistically the number is probably larger than that, as most scores have at least four pages with covers, and some scores have thirty to fifty pages.

I think I’ve found the work flow that works fastest at this point…cutting music, scanning, editing (removing pages [including the cover and blank pages] and moving informative pages to the back of the scan with Mac Preview), and then compressing with PDF Shrink.

Here’s the latest data between the scanned pieces and the “shrunk” pieces:

Originally 231.9 MB, compressed to 74.9 MB, resulting in a space savings of 68%!

Yes, I think PDF Shrink is well worth the purchase if you plan to scan your music.


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