The Seven Inch iPad is Coming!

Well, maybe.  But all of the legitimate tech blogs are picking up the story, which seems to indicate that a seven inch iPad will hit the market this fall.  John Gruber has been posting on the story today (

The seven inch form factor (and price factor) seems to be an incentive for many buyers.  I will certainly be tempted to purchase one of them if and when a seven inch iPad is released.

But the device won’t be used as a primary device in my teaching, and I would hope that my students would not have them, either.  I’ve had students who try to use a Kindle Fire for sheet music…the display is just too small.  A seven inch iPad would have the same issues.  My biggest fear is that schools would naturally go with the smaller tablet, when in reality, that extra space is a big bonus for education.

I’d still like to see a larger iPad, such as an 11″ or 13″ model.

So, a seven inch iPad might be coming.  Expected price between $249 and $299, depending on the tech that Apple puts in the device.


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