The iPhone Turns Five Today

June 29, 2007.  Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone for the first time.

Go ahead.  Watch part of this presentation…even the first five minutes.  I watched this presentation when it went online in 2007 (Apple eventually posts all of its videos) .  Seeing it five years later is enlightening (you have to love YouTube)

We simply forget, in 2012, how different the iPhone was.  We forget that the CEO of Google (makers of Android) was sitting on Apple’s Board of Directors.  We forget how revolutionary this was–and how everyone copies it today.  I see iPhones everywhere today.  There was a time when this 2007 original iPhone was a luxury item.  And it only operated on 2G networks, and didn’t even have “apps” at the time (other than stock apps.  Originally, Steve Jobs wanted all web-based apps).

Five years of iPhone already.  Can you believe it?

In our home, we didn’t get iPhones until October 2008 with the iPhone 3G.  We were locked into a contract with Verizon with Motorola RAZR phones from 2006-2008.  We made the switch at the right time…prices had dropped with carrier subsidies, and the app revolution had begun.

Happy Birthday, iPhone!


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