The future is determined by those who don’t care about the past…

I just saw this article, by Michael Loop ( linked by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber.  If you read the article, please excuse the foul language, which is not my own.

Education is this way, too, isn’t it?  We often live in the past.  We teach how we were taught.  Music educators can easily be an anachronistic group.

I use this video quite often in my presentations…I love this commercial.  It says so much without saying much at all.

The truth is that past successes should drive our present and our future, but we should never stop looking for a better way to teach and a better way to learn.  A better way to sing and a better way to play.  A better way to study and a better way to conduct.

Paraphrasing Michael Loop in a way he didn’t intend (as the radio talk show host Joe Soucheray in the Twin Cities would call “linking”): “The future of music education will be driven and invented by people who aren’t tied to how it was done in the past.”

And from the Hyundai commercial: “What if we had settled on the first thing that came along?”

Be a person who drives and invents the future of music education.  Don’t settle.  And don’t be tied to how things were done in the past.

**This doesn’t mean that we have to reinvent the wheel, but it is possible that “where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”


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