Symphonix Evolution for iPad has been updated

In my daily practice of updating apps, I noticed that Symphonix Evolution has been updated. Symphonix Evolution is a basic music notation app that has the ability to record from a core MIDI device or it will allow you to enter notes on a musical score.

At some point over the last months (since our three month old was born, it is difficult to keep dates straight in my mind), the developer contacted me and asked if I would like a promo code to review the app, and it was an app that I had already purchased. As a result, I was able to tell the developer that they should pass the app code to another blogger. But I didn’t want to review the app at the time because it wouldn’t export in MusicXML format, making the app somewhat useless for me as a music educator. I really need to be able to pull musical data from one app to another, with consistent results (see my post on MusicXML vs. MIDI).

Well, to my great surprise, the app was updated today with the ability to export to MusicXML. So when I get a moment in the next few days, I will attempt to officially review the app.

Until then, the app sells for $12.99 and is available on the iTunes store.

Paul Shimmons (iPad and Technology in Music Education) recently wrote a review of Symphonix Evolution, so if you need to know more before I write a review, read his thoughts!



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