Display Recorder

There is a new app in the App Store called Display Recorder. It’s a brilliant app that allows you to record your iOS screen while you use other apps. If you’ve ever used an app like ShowMe or Explain Everything (which is on sale for a short time because of the ISTE convention), the iPad can already record your voice and written input within a single app. For example, you can use Explain Everything to make a PowerPoint or a Keynote into a “flipped” educational session. Display Recorder, on the other hand, allows you to record all of your input and export it to YouTube or your video library. You can then use iMovie (or Avid Studio) to edit the video before sharing it through iMovie’s export options.

In other words, if you have ever made an app demo video with a video camera–you never need to use that video camera again (there are always issues of glare, lighting, etc). Now you can record everything you see on your iPad…including its sound and your voice…with Display Recorder.

There is some belief that Apple will eventually remove this app from the AppStore, so if you are interested in this functionality, get the app as soon as you can. It’s $1.99, and if you make iPad recordings, this may be the best $2 you spend on an app this summer. Display Recorder is available as part of the Educational Volume Purchasing Plan at a discount for 20 or more units.



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