Good News: Zagg Customer Service

We just returned from our first weekend trip in our new camper (a small Bobcat 186b camper), and both AT&T and the campground’s Wi-Fi kept me from blogging at any time over the weekend.

Before we left, I had noticed that my Zaggfolio’s carbon-fiber shell was peeling off.  I contacted the company to see if they would recommend a glue (I figured this would be an easier repair), but a representative from Zagg replied with a short note asking me just to go online and request a replacement.  I sent the request on Wednesday, June 20th and didn’t expect to see the replacement until later this week. 

To my great surprise, the replacement was waiting outside our front door when we came home late last night.

Zagg is located in Utah, and I imagine that trip to Minnesota is more manageable than East Coast to Minnesota or West Coast to Minnesota.  Still, color me impressed.  Amazon takes longer to ship. 

All I had to do was to send my old Zagg case back, which I did this afternoon.  The added benefit is that Zagg sent me the latest version, which works with the iPad 2 or 3, should I ever upgrade.

If you are looking for a good iPad keyboard case, check out the Zaggfolio at, or even visit your local Target (I saw Zaggfolilos at our local Target last week).


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