Wow…BIG news from MakeMusic…

One of the IT people in my school district sent this article to me regarding the sudden departure of Karen Van Lith as CEO of MakeMusic, Inc.

Twin Cities Business: MakeMusic CEO Gone, Search for Replacement Begins


I’m rather shocked.  I understand it was a quarter of operating loss, but at the same time, I’ve seen MakeMusic make some really good decisions (in my eyes) over the past year with Van Lith at the helm.  I think the additions of Garritan and MusicXML were brilliant.  I think Finale Songbook is brilliant.  I think waiting for Finale 2014 without making Finale 2013 will be brilliant (less capital in the short run, more in the long run).  The new agreement with Hal Leonard should be lucrative in time.  And I’ve LOVED the transparency of the company in terms of product cycle information and even interviews with the (former) CEO.

Still, the operating loss last quarter was hard to swallow (up $750,000), even though sales were slightly up.  Expect another tough quarter without new sales of Finale 2013 coming into the checkbook.  And I know that the leadership changes that were happening in the company behind the scenes have been difficult.

I wish MakeMusic the best as they look for a new CEO.

By the way, MakeMusic…if you’d ever consider a tech-minded, forward-thinking educator with a Ph.D. as a CEO, I’d be available for an interview 😉  I’d be committed to bringing SmartMusic to the iPad, moving Finale Files to the MusicXML standard (removing the .FIN file), and to acquiring SmartScore as well.  I don’t have the business experience necessary for such a position, but it would be a great job!  Think of how you would impact music education across the world!

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