iOS 6 Compatibility

I just saw that Rene Ritchie, the editor-in-chief of just tweeted this comment (it’s a good one):

There are people out there running iOS 6 beta, and complaining that their old apps won’t work.  As Mr. Ritchie points out, that is a ludicrous position to hold, as it is a beta (just released) and not a public release.

But iOS 6 is coming, and not all developers will update their apps to iOS 6 by the time it is released this fall (September or October).  That will be one of those situations where you might want to invest in multiple apps for a just-in-case scenario.  For example, have one quality back-up PDF music reader, just in case.  $4.99 for peace-of-mind (and ability to keep using your device) is a sound investment.



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