Finale Upgrade on Sale Until 6/15

I’ll admit it: I was stubborn last year when it came to the annual Finale upgrade.  I had been accustomed to MakeMusic offering an annual upgrade of $99 for the latest release of Finale–and the company charged $114 for the upgrade last year.  I chose not to upgrade and wait for Finale 2013 at that point.

I was able to get my school district to buy a single copy of Finale 2012 so that I could make vocal SmartMusic assessments.  But without Finale 2012 at home, I wasn’t able to make SmartMusic assessments on my computer (I know that MakeMusic allows two installations, ideally one for a desktop, and the other for a notebook–but in my twisted ethics, the license shouldn’t allow for use at school and at home, just as an iOS app you’ve purchased for school shouldn’t be on a personal device as well or vice versa.)

I know my stance of non-upgrading was ridiculous…not upgrading over $15.  For a piece of software I use all the time.  But I figured that the program would either go on sale for the $99 upgrade (it never did) or that I would wait until Finale 2013.

MakeMusic recently announced that it will not release a version of Finale 2013, and that Finale 2012 will stay active through the next school year.  This is a significant shift from past practice (I think I’ve purchased annual updates for the previous past years) and it will likely be more beneficial for the company.  It will give the company a longer time to work out major changes in the programs, and it will entice more users to upgrade the next time an update is released–even if it costs slightly more.  I know a number of Finale owners who didn’t upgrade annually…a longer “refresh” cycle will likely entice them to upgrade the next time, particularly as more new features will be expected.

MakeMusic chose to offer an upgrade to Finale 2012–the “latest” version of Finale–for $99 through 6/15 (2012).  I upgraded today (and should have a year ago).  If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading to Finale 2012–consider doing so in the next 24 hours!


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