The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The World Wide Developers Conference begins today, where developers and press representatives from around the world converge in California to see what new products Apple will be bringing to the market and to hone their skills in development (either at sessions or with each other).

In terms of my technology life, it’s one of the four best times of the year.  We’re not sure what Apple will announce at 12:00 pm PST, but we’re sure that we’ll see details about iOS 6, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, and iCloud, not to mention a lot of hardware announcements (Mac).  All of these announcements will affect me in some way this year–so it is a big day for me.

The other days of the year?  iPad introductions, iPhone introductions (I will upgrade both my iPhone and iPad in the next cycle), and the CES show in January where new accessories and other technology items are introduced.

Yes–there are far more important days in the year (anniversary, birthdays, church holidays), but these tech announcements are about as close to the feeling I had as a kid at Christmas with unknown presents wrapped under the tree.

I will not be live-blogging the Apple announcements (I’m not there–I’m in Minnesota), and in fact, my wife and I are picking up our new RV trailer this morning/afternoon, so I’ll miss most of the details until later in the day.  I will, however, write about the announcements later today or tomorrow morning.

Happy WWDC, everyone!


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