Tenqa REMXD Over-the-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (Follow-Up)

About a month ago, I wrote about Tenqa REMXD Bluetooth Headphones. These sell for $39 on Amazon.com, come in white and black, and were highly recommended by 9to5mac.com. I said that I would write a follow-up review after they arrived, and they have been here more than two weeks.

In short, if you have a teenager in your house who wants Beats headphones, but you don’t want to pay $200, get these headphones. They sound good (audiophiles may have issues, but chances are that your teenagers are not audiophiles) and they fit the “look” that kids desire (in my era of Sony Walkman devices, you wanted smaller headphones). They may not be “Beats,” but the Bluetooth feature–no wires–brings some “street cred” to the phones. The ears are a little small for my taste, and I personally like my Rocketfish behind-the-ear headphones, but everyone has their own preferences.

They charge off a USB connection to a 3-banded mini stereo plug, and seem to last the printed 15 hours of use. If the battery runs out, you can attach an (included) mini stereo plug and use the headphones like a normal set of headphones. If you had an iPhone, they can also be used to make calls (microphone included).

So–these headphones are a “win” in our household. They caused my stepson to give me a hug upon their arrival (they were an “unearned” surprise), and they go everywhere with him, quite literally. These headphones are a recommended buy from our experience.



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