Tenqa REMXD Bluetooth Over-the-Ear Headphones

I follow a number of tech blogs, and one of the most useful blogs in the recent past has been 9to5mac.com.  This blog listed the Kanex ATV Pro (Apple TV to VGA adapter) before any other outlet, and this morning, they wrote an article about Tenqa REMXD Bluetooth Over-the-Ear Headphones that are selling on Amazon.com for $39 (in black or white versions).

Reviews of the headphones are generally very good (usually 4 or 5 stars), with the main complaint being the packaging the headphones are sold with.

I immediately ordered a pair for my stepson who has been destroying headphones lately (along with iPods–story to follow later today) and I’m getting tired of buying $25-$35 headphones to replace ones he has destroyed (the issue is usually the wires, which get cut, eaten by cats at his father’s house, or just sensitive/broken plugs on the headphone side of the equation).  My stepson wants Dr. Beats headphones; I’ve been unwilling to buy them as they cost $200 (or more) and he’s been going through headphones at such a rapid rate.  My thought: if you can’t take care of a $25 pair of headphones, why would I buy you $200 headphones?  And realistically, who has $200 to spend on headphones anyway, if it isn’t a major Christmas or birthday present?

So, these headphones solve a few problems for us: inexpensive, Bluetooth (no wires), and over-the-ear.  Win-win-win.

I’ll let you know how they turn out.


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