A professional music education journal full of technology ideas…

My state NAfME chapter, the MMEA (Minnesota Music Educators Association) recently mailed its Spring 2012 journal, which is titled, “Interval.” Most of the articles were on the topic of technology in music education. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the journal, I am not certain how you would do so (the journal is not online). You can contact the MMEA at info@mmea.org (I might need to ask how we could go about publishing the journal online).

Topics discussed in the journal include the use of document cameras, SMART Boards (two articles), various tools for vocal teachers (Thanks for the mention, Daniel!), notation software (Hi, Janet!), meeting students halfway with technology (hardware, software, YouTube, Facebook), and teaching global music through technology (Hi, Nyssa!).

Once again, I admit my main focus is on iOS devices, particularly the iPad, in music education. But I still appreciate the MMEA’s effort to make technology a focus on the organization–I’m proud to have the MMEA as my “home state” organization for music education (and ACDA of Minnesota as my “home state” organization for choral music).



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