Kanex ATV Pro (Apple TV to VGA Converter) Video Review

I ordered the Kanex ATV Pro the day it was announced (on 9 to 5 Mac), and it arrived on Monday morning, allowing me to make a short video of the device in comparison to the View HD HDMI to VGA converter I had purchased from Amazon last fall.

Initial thoughts: it’s a small unit that requires no additional power (the View HD and Monoprice units require power).  It makes things easier in general for mirroring from HDMI to VGA.  I’m not sure if this will work for all HDMI sources, but at $59 (plus shipping) it certainly seems to be a great option for education.

I’ve been using the device since installation on Tuesday morning, and everything continues to work.

Conclusion: recommended accessory.  It’s the device Apple should have already made for education.


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