New Apple TV to VGA Adapter

Kanex ATV-Pro

I saw this new Kanex Apple TV to VGA Adapter on 9 to 5 Mac today, and immediately ordered one.  The cost?  $68 shipped.

This is a great solution (if it works, which it should) for many schools that have older projectors without HDMI inputs (it should also work for any HDMI source).  $59 may seem expensive, but a Monoprice HDMI to VGA Converter is in the $40 range, and does not include an HDMI cable.  At the same time, Monoprice was out of the HDMI to VGA Converters when I ordered an Apple TV for my classroom, so I ended up buying a $99 View HD model for my classroom.  Obvious statement of the day: $59 is much less expensive than $99.  I may sell the View HD and buy a second Kanex ATV-Pro if it works. 

Furthermore, the Kanex does not require another additional power source and requires one less additional cable in the process.  This is a win for education.

 I’ll write a blog post when the unit arrives and report how it works.


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