April Fool’s Joke and a New iBook

This afternoon, Apple approved my family’s iBook, “Not a Good Idea: How Not to Use an iPad.”  The iBook sells for $0.99 (US) and is also available in all English-speaking iBookstores at the lowest price point.  The book contains fifty bad uses for an iPad, two silly how-to videos, and the video that appears below.

The book is the result of having a fake iPad in our house for most of the school year.  The fake iPad was intended for an April Fool’s joke with my top choir.  The final result of months of planning appears below:

This April Fool’s Joke was recorded on April 2, 2012 (April 1st fell on a Sunday in 2012) and is done in the spirit of perhaps the best high school music practical joke from Middleton, Wisconsin.

I use an iPad daily in my teaching (wirelessly mirroring to an Apple TV), throughout the rehearsal (all of my music is on the device using the apps forScore and unrealBook).  I had another teacher observing me during the hour for a “peer review,” which gave me the perfect excuse for video recording the joke.

I was able to bring both my real iPad and the fake iPad to the piano at the start of the class, leaving the piano and my real iPad to lead the choir in its daily sight singing exercises with the fake iPad.  The choir happened to make an error on the highest note of the exercise, giving me the perfect opportunity to launch the iPad.  In hindsight, you can see that I am purposely launching the iPad, but at the time, the students had no idea what was going on.  A couple of basses were close enough to the “landed” iPad that they could see that the iPad was fake; the majority of the choir had no idea what had just happened, and they had no idea how I would handle the situation.  A $14 fake iPad and a stunned high school choir: priceless.


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