Waiting on the iBookstore Process

If you should happen to write a book for the iBookstore using iBooks Author, be warned that the approval process is ridiculously LONG.  My wife and I (and our whole family, other than our newborn) collaborated on a short book that we’re going to sell for $0.99.  We uploaded that book on March 31st.  It is now April 28th, and the book is still “waiting to be reviewed for quality assurance.”

I have one other title in the iBookstore (Practical Technology for Music Education – $4.99) and that approval process was also about a month in length, but the document had been reviewed and received a “ticket” from Apple that needed to be resolved about two weeks in to the process.

I understand that the iBookstore may be exploding due to iBooks Author (I’m not sure Amazon has realized how much iBooks Author is going to change the landscape), but in that case, expand your staff!

And there is no guarantee that when the book is reviewed that it will be accepted without revisions (or accepted at all).

So…if you are publishing to the iBookstore as an individual…prepare to wait!