The Kid Area in Apple Stores

There has been news from several sources that mention that Apple has replaced its iMacs with iPads in the children’s area in Apple Stores.

Link 1 (9 to 5 Mac)

Link 2 (Mac Rumors)

I have a three year old who has been using iDevices since he was one (and on the shy end of one, at that).  He has his own iPod Touch (he’s had two iPod Touches, actually.  We had to upgrade to a 4th Generation iPod Touch so he could use some of the latest interactive apps for the iPod, which only run on iOS 5).  My son can open apps, interact with apps, change volume settings, turn the device off, and more.

He can’t run a computer.

When we’ve been in the Apple Store, my son sits down at the iMacs and proceeds to touch the screen to make things happen.  It doesn’t work.  The iPad is intuive.  An iMac is not.  End of story.  Side note: Android isn’t that intuitive, either.  It’s an iOS thing.  Trust me.  I’ve seen it in play.  And with a six-week old baby in our house, I’ll be seeing it again soon (we kept our three year old’s 3rd Generation iPod for the new baby, who will eventually need his own device, too).

It makes perfect sense to me that Apple would move to iPads in those children’s areas.  I would have changed that two years ago (I really would have).  They might want to put those iPads in a decent case, however…



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