Explain Everything: First Videos

With the sight-reading materials we use in class (Bruce Phelps Sight Reading Method), my younger choirs have only recently begun the process of singing in different keys.  They sing about four exercises a day, and in the current unit/chapter, that means that they change keys every other day (mostly exercises in the major mode).  My students were unable to determine the key, meaning that they couldn’t find “Do” for a given key signature, and I had to address that missing part of their education.  We’ve been discussing how to determine the key on a daily basis for the past weeks, so I’ve now created a worksheet for them to complete, as well as an 8 minute video recapping everything we’ve taught in class.

I used the iPad app called “Explain Everything” to create the video…basically, it’s a screen capture app for the iPad (although all the source material needs to be embedded inside Explain Everything).  This is my first such video, basically unedited, and there are a few glitches in my presentation as I try to get certain things to work, or to switch tools in the presentation.  It didn’t take much longer than it took to record the sections to complete the video (i.e. we’re not talking hours upon hours of work), and it actually took longer to compile the video (the program’s process of exporting the file) than it took to record.  I exported one version to my camera roll so that I could play it for my classes; I also exported another version for YouTube.

If you wish to use this video in your teaching, please do–send me a note if you do.  Also feel free to use the worksheet that I’ve attached to this post (see link below) to reinforce the concepts.

Key Signature Worksheet (PDF)


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